I’ve successfully made all your mistakes.
— Yaron Samid

I'm a serial entrepreneur, CEO, board director and product guy with many failures and four successful exits totaling half a billion dollars. I've designed and scaled products to 100's of millions of users and raised 10's of millions from the world's best VCs. My most recent company, BillGuard, was one of the fastest growing personal finance apps in history before being acquired by Prosper in October 2015. Since then I've been traveling the world with my young family and helping fellow founders realize their own dreams. Giving back is not just something I do, its who I am. 

While building my second company I organized a local group of Israeli tech startup founders like myself in NYC. A coffee shop meetup with a couple dozen founders meeting to help each other succeed would grow into one of the world's largest founders clubs. Today TechAviv is a 3K member organization of Israeli startup founders and investors with branches and events in Tel Aviv, Silicon Valley, New York and Boston. We're still bonded by a passion to help, learn from, and be inspired by fellow men and women in the arena

I consider it a privilege to help founders.

You create tomorrow. I empathize. I've made your mistakes, felt your pain, navigated your pivots and somehow made it all work. Starting up is messy, exhilarating and most often lonely. I equate it to jumping off of a cliff and figuring out how to sew a parachute on the way down. Success is statistically nearly impossible, except for the rare few who've always been the exception to the rule. You've got "it". When you fail effectively, never give up and the timing is right, magic happens. Companies win because of you and the teams you build. I'm your cornerman.

In August of 2017 I started selectively investing in the very best founders I meet at TechAviv, Stanford GSB, Stanford Ignite, Columbia GSB, the Technion and other places where I lecture and mentor on entrepreneurship. I know a great founder when I see one. My two decades of experience, extensive personal network of VCs, corporate execs and talent and founder-first approach make me the angel I always wanted.

I'm at your service 24/7 and can be as hands-on as you need me to be. I often help with strategy, product-market fit, UX, BD, fundraising, recruiting and M&A. When needed, I'm your psychotherapist, injecting a currency more valuable than VC, EC. EC = emotional capital. Without it, you and your company are dead. With it, great founders are unstoppable, and will find a way to win. 

Can I be helpful to you? Consider yourself one of the world's best founders? (All great founders should). If we already know each other, hit me up on email, otherwise apply here and tell me a bit about yourself and your company.