Investment Focus

Novadea is the Tel Aviv based angel fund of serial entrepreneur Yaron Samid. I have a singular investment focus - supporting the world's best founders. Not ideas, products or markets. Founders. The very best. Why? Because almost everything else changes in the messy startup stages of a successful company, but only great founders can persist and figure out how to make it all work. It's not what they do, its who they are. They are relentless, resourceful and laser focused when pursuing a solution to a problem they really care about. I care about them.

Founders are the only constant in startups. All else changes.
— Yaron Samid

No stage is too early, no idea too raw. I'm a product guy and love getting dirty in the trenches from day one. Check sizes range from $10K to $50K. I bring in additional angels, early stage VCs and talent when helpful to increase deal size or domain expertise.


Novadea's mission is to find, fund and help the world's best founders win even bigger. Here's how its done...

Novadea Networks

I'm an entrepreneur and CEO with two decades of experience and an extensive professional network. Throughout my career I've been an active startup community leader having founded and run two large founders clubs including the 3K member TechAviv Founders Club. I regularly lecture at Stanford and Columbia business schools and mentor hundreds of founders at global CS universities and accelerators. My breadth of operating and advisory experience and supportive approach have made me a friend to thousands of founders and investors. This is what I call the Novadea Network. Its where I find the world's best founders, or they find me. When I back you, the network works for you.

Techaviv founders club

TechAviv Founders Club

The TechAviv Founders Club is a private global network of 3,000+ active Israeli startup founders and top tier investors. We hold member-only local events and connect online via the TFC app to give and get advice, request and suggest intros, seek and refer talent, etc. Membership is free and by invitation only. Apply here.

Yaron @ stanford gsb

Stanford GSB & Ignite

Stanford's Graduate School of Business is the world's leading GSB for technology entrepreneurs. Admissions filter thousands of candidates each year, focusing on business leaders with the greatest potential to create game changing companies. I regularly lecture on entrepreneurship and product management and travel as a global mentor for Stanford Ignite.


Service DNA

Yaron Stanford GSB - May 2015.jpg

Perhaps even more than building companies, I love helping others do the same. In parallel to my own career as a founder, CEO and product guy, I've been an active board director, advisory board member and mentor to countless startups. At TechAviv, the Israeli startup founders club I founded and run, we harness the collective knowledge and networks of nearly 3,000 seasoned and first-time founders and top investors to help fellow founders succeed. TechAviv has branches in Tel Aviv, Silicon Valley, New York and Boston. I'm teach students at Stanford GSB and Columbia GSB and mentor first-time founders at Stanford Ignite and IDC Beyond. I've even served as special advisor to the White House on private sector innovation. I love what I do.

Venture investing is a services business. I serve founders.
— Yaron Samid

With startups that Novadea funds, I work closely with the founders, as needed. I bring two decades of operating experience and extensive global VC, executive and talent networks to the trenches with me. I most often help with fundraising, product-market fit, UX, business development, recruiting and M&A.

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