Gustavo Gorenstein  |  bxblue


Guga is bringing the $80 billion payroll lending market online in Brazil.

Network: Stanford GSB


Daniel Tal  |  Lumen


Daniel is putting a nutritionist in your pocket capable of analyzing your metabolism in realtime.

Network: TechAviv Founders Club

Einat Metzer  |  emedgene


Einat is helping doctors accurately treat patients using AI that pinpoints causative genetic mutations.

Network: TechAviv Founders Club


Arik Czerniak  |  Drove


Arik is empowering world leaders to harness the power of crowds to drive social and political action.

Network: TechAviv Founders Club

Roi Chobadi  |  Stellares


Roi is building the world's first AI talent agency, matching top talent with their dream jobs.

Networks: Stanford GSB, TechAviv Founders Club


"I'm often asked how you spot a great founder. After two decades of company building as founder, CEO and board director, running one of the largest founders clubs in the world, mentoring hundreds of founders and lecturing on entrepreneurship at top business schools, I've developed a unique ability to know one when I see one. The common denominators? They are relentlessly resourceful, passionate, highly intelligent, opinionated, great listeners, thoughtful on feedback, adaptive, agile, stoic, contagiously optimistic, unreasonably ambitious people who clairvoyantly see the world as it should be and have the audacity to believe they are the ones to make it so. These rare leaders among us are not driven by greed or glory, they simply can't help being themselves."

- Yaron Samid, Founder, Novadea


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